Independent London/Store Guide

Issue 1

Owner Keith Roberts promises he only sells pieces of furniture he likes, and if you share his taste for classic, modernist Scandinavian furniture you’re onto a winner. He goes on regular forays to Europe to track down more original and restored pieces and is often asked to kit out bars such as Milk & Honey in Soho, so desks from designers such a sHans Wegner often don’t hang around for long. As well as the sleek classics, there’s decent turnover in art, some from the local brit-art crowd of Tracey Emin and Gilbert and George as well as the likes of John and Sylvia Reid. There’s also one of Ronnie Kray’s daubs painted while in the clink. Keiths dad owned seminal 1960’s boutique Mr Freedom and has inherited a nose for the quirky – he recently had a model bi-plane and some stuffed birds in the shop.